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Buffet Style Menu Combinations:

    #1               #7
Filetes Dourados (Fillet-O-Fish)                     Camarao Frito (Fried Shrimp)
Galinha Asssada (Roast Chicken)           Febras de Porco (Pork Strips)
Carne Estufado (Roast Beef)           Galinha Assada (Roast Chicken)

$18.95 per person$24.95 per person

     #2       #8
Galinha Assada (Roast Chicken)      Bacalhau a Braz 
Lombo de Porco Assado (Roast Pork Loin)             (Cod Fish Braz Style)
Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa               Peito de Galinha    
(Cod Fish Portuguese Style)           (Boneless Chicken Breast)
            Lombo de Porco Assado 
       (Roast Pork Loin)

$17.95 per person$17.95 per person

    #3         #9
Carne Estufado (Roast Beef)     Fiambre Assado (Baked Ham)
Galinha Assada (Roast Chicken)      Lasagna
Carne de Porco Alentejana      Galinha Assada (Roast Chicken)
(Pork w/Little Necks & Potatoes)

$17.95 per person$18.95 per person

    #4         #10
Carne Estufado (Roast Beef)     Filetes Dourados (Fillet-O-Fish)
Febras de Porco (Pork Strips)         Galinha Assada (Roast Chicken)
Galinha a Mozambique                   Carne de Porco Alentejana
(Chicken Mozambique Style)            (Pork w/Little Necks & Potatoes)

$18.95 per person$19.95 per person

    #5       #11     
Filetes Dourados (Fillet-O-Fish)       Peito de Galinha 
Carne Estufado (Roast Beef)           (Boneless Chicken Breast)
Galinha Alentejana         Stuffed Shells 
(Chicken w/Little Necks & Potatoes)              Carne Estufado (Roast Beef)

$19.95 per person$17.95 per person

    #6        #12
Cacoila (Marianated Pork)             Filetes Dourados (Fillet O Fish)
Galinha Assada (Roast Chicken)           Cacoila (Marinated Pork)
Stuffed Shells                Galinha Assada (Roast Chicken)

$17.95 per person$19.95 per person

Any of our combinations may be substituted with the following options. 
Or  You may make your own combo & call for prices:

Fillet-O-Fish Paiva’s Style                                 Chicken w/Little Necks & Potatoes
Codfish Gomes de Sa Style​                              Baked Stuffed Chicken Breast
Codfish Braz Style                                             Roast Chicken
Fried Shrimp                                                      Chicken Cacciatore
Fried Calamari                                                   Chicken Mocambique
Shrimp Mocambique                                          Chicken Primavera
Baked Ham                                                        Fried Chicken Wings (Hot & Mild)
Pork w/Little Necks & Potatoes                         Chicken Fingers
Roast Pork Loin                                                 Meatballs
Pork Strips                                                         Ziti w/Sauce
Marinated Pork                                                  Lasagna
Roast Beef          ​                                              Stuffed Shells
Beef Stew                                                         Pasta Primavera
Baked Beans                                                    Linguica, Peppers & Onions
Tripe Portuguese Style                                     Sausage, Peppers & Onions
Sliced Turkey

Choose any 2 Trimmings (Included in combo price, except those with a  * )

   Roasted Potatoes              Vegetable Rice                *Extra $2.00 per person for:
   Mashed Potatoes               Mixed Vegetables           *Seafood Rice
   French FriesWhite Rice                                             *Shrimp & Scallop Rice    
Cold Buffet Options Include:

Finger Sandwiches (Choose 3 fillings):   
Tuna Salad        ​    Egg Salad        
Chicken Salad   ​    Linguica, Peppers & Onions               
Seafood Salad       Sausage, Peppers & Onions       
(Finger Sandwiches may also be sold by the Dozen. $18.00 per Dozen)

Also Included in Cold Buffet...
~ Tossed Salad
~ Macaroni Salad
~ Potato Salad
~ Potato Chips     
~ Coffee

$11.95 per person Parties of 100 people or more Plastic Goods Included.

Dessert options.....

Variety of mixed Pastries & Coffee $6.95 per person 

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Paiva's Catering
Combo Prices Also Include......
~ Two Trimmings of your choice (Seafood Rice and Shrimp & Scallop Rice are an additional $2.00/person)
~ Garden Salad
~ Rolls with Butter
~ Coffee
~Plastic Goods are also included for Parties of 150 people or more
China and Linens may also be provided for a Buffet at an Additional Cost of $8.00 per personxt.

A Non-Refundable $800 Deposit is Required to Reserve a Date for Buffet Style Functions.
7% Meal Tax and 18 % Service Fee will be added to your Total Balance.